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Datascape Pty Ltd
Datascape is a community-focused organisation that has specialised in the provision of community information software and support services for a period of more than 25 years. Datascape is very well aware of the major information provision considerations facing many organisations.

The factors most critical to successful establishment of a directory of services are:
  • Recognition from the outset of the critical importance of proper data management
  • Early agreement on the scope and level of detail required
  • The need for close co-operation between all contributing agencies
  • Adoption of recognized standards for data entry, indexing and presentation
  • Minimization of the data collection and maintenance effort by utilizing existing data sources
  • Proper allowance for on-going maintenance of the directory
  • Provision for access to the directory in a range of forms to suit the requirements of each party involved
  • Recognition of the value of the information resource and its potential for broader use within your own organisation and by other agencies and the wider community
If proper attention to data management issues is not given from the outset, the potential value of a service directory will quickly diminish as on-going maintenance becomes a burden and a drain on resources.

Software and services provided by Datascape take account of all these key issues. The INFOCOM 'Community Information Management System' developed by Datascape has been installed in well over 100 organisations in Victoria and other states.

Organisations using INFOCOM include local councils, government departments, community information centres, telephone counselling services, libraries, hospitals, community health centres and a wide range of other community organisations.

See further information about software and services or contact Datascape.
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Community Referral Support Service
The Community Referral Support Service, a community information service provided by Datascape Pty Ltd, was established to focus on production of the Community Referral Directory.

The 24th edition of this valuable community resource (in the form of a searchable database) is the seventeenth published by the Community Referral Support Service. From 1994 to 2000 the Community Referral Directory was published by Lifeline Melbourne. The Community Referral Support Service gratefully acknowledges the dedication and effort of past staff of Lifeline Melbourne who contributed to the establishment and production of early editions of the Community Referral Directory.

From 1997 to 2000 Datascape assisted Lifeline Melbourne to produce both the printed and electronic versions of the directory. In June 2001, following negotiations with Lifeline, Datascape acquired the underlying community information database. Datascape's INFOCOM community information management software was installed at Lifeline Melbourne in 1997.

For more information about the Community Referral Directory see the directory overview or contact Community Referral Support Service.
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