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"Integrated access to the web and local data resources"
(plus the ability to produce local community directories at minimum cost)

Combine existing databases, spreadsheets, lists into a single INFOCOM database
Publish your database in searchable form on your web site
Produce your own special focus or general purpose directories
Produce mailing lists covering any area of interest
Add Community Referral Directory data to your database

Installed in over 100 organisations in Victoria and other states
(including local councils, libraries, telephone counselling services, hospitals, community health centres, community organisations and government agencies)
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Main Features:
  • Flexible data structure capable of satisfying a wide range of information requirements
  • Emphasis on sharing information resources and reducing duplicated effort
  • Support for regional and state collation and aggregation of data
  • Minimize local data entry by utilizing existing data in any electronic format
  • Hold a virtually unlimited amount of information about any service or resource
  • Built-in standards for data entry and indexing
  • Publish service directories in any of the following forms:
      On your Web Site (fully searchable)
      Other electronic forms (CD, floppy disk, etc)
      Hardcopy - easily, quickly and at affordable cost
  • Provide data to other organisations (for any purpose)
Additional benefits of using Infocom software and services:
  • Integrated database access and Web Browsing - make efficient use of the Internet
  • Contact management capability (for committees, members, subscribers, etc)
  • Resource management facility (for library cataloguing, re-ordering, etc)
  • Links to other relevant software applications
  • Proven software with on-going enhancement and support
  • Based on more than 10 years involvement in community information provision
  • Used by over 100 organisations around Australia
  • Affordable software, training and support costs
INFOCOM is available in 3 forms:
  • STANDARD (includes Infocom Browser and Data Manager and covers all the basic Infocom functionality)
  • ACCESS ONLY (includes Infocom Browser only and excludes the ability to update subject or agency data)
  • PROFESSIONAL (same as STANDARD with additional special purpose functions including Resource Manager)
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