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INFOCOM - Community Information Management System
INFOCOM Overview
"Integrated access to the web and local data resources"
(plus the ability to produce local community directories at minimum cost)
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INFOCOM - Web Search Engine
Web Search Engine Overview
"Publish community or business information on the Internet in fully searchable form"
May be implemented as a separate Web Page with your own logo and descriptive text
or integrated as a frame within an existing Web Page.
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Community Referral Directory - 2018/2019 - Searchable Database
Community Referral Directory Overview
"The essential guide to community services"
(covers the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional services of statewide significance)

The 2018/2019 Searchable Database can be ordered using the Order Form.

The searchable database is available for a single PC or for multiple users on a computer network. Network version costs are based on the number of individuals using the directory at any one time.
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ACTIVITY LOG (plus Statistical Reporting)
Activity Log Overview
"Statistics for funding submissions, trend analysis or any other purpose"
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