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"Publish community or business information on the Internet in fully searchable form"
The INFOCOM Web Search Engine enables users of INFOCOM software to publish their data on the Internet.

The search engine may be implemented as a separate Web Page with your own logo and descriptive text or integrated as a frame within an existing Web Page.

It is suitable for use by local councils, government departments, community information centres and any other organisation wanting to provide public access to information about community services and resources.

The community search engine utilises the most widely recognised Thesaurus of community indexing terms, whereas, the business search engine utilises the terms associated with the Australia New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) system.

Combining the comprehensive data management capabilities of INFOCOM with the search engine provides a sound basis for providing public access to up-to-date information from your web site. The search engine has the potential to attract many more visitors to an existing web site.

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