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Datascape offers a comprehensive range of training options for users of INFOCOM software. In addition, Datascape staff will visit your premises if requested to consult on any issues related to INFOCOM.

To enquire about any aspect of training or to arrange an on-site consultation contact Marianne Morgan at Datascape.

For details of the charges associated with training see the Price List.
Training Modules - Version 4
(If required a list of Training Modules can be downloaded in PDF format - 6kb)
V4-INTRO Introduction to INFOCOM
   Information retrieval for enquiry level users
   Searching by Name, Locality or Keyword
   Using the Subject Index
   Printing database entries
V4-DM1 Data Management Introduction
   Data Collection
   Sources of Information
   Managing available resources
   User registration and access
   Importing and exporting
   Setting system options
V4-DM2 Data Management Data Entry
   Using Guidelines and Standards
   Understanding Record Types
   Adding new entries
   Updating existing entries
   Assigning Keywords
V4-DM3 Data Management Advanced Techniques
   Using Tags for classification
   Advanced searching
   Maintaining Reference Lists
   Customising for Quick Access
   Mail Merge and Label Printing
   Using Linked Media
V4-DM5 Data Management Thesaurus Maintenance
   Understanding the Thesaurus
   Creating Combined Terms
   Adding, modifying and deleting Keywords
   Adding See References
V4-DIR Directory Production
   Planning a directory
   Determining the directory structure
   Specifying directory detail
   Producing Lists, Brochures and special purpose Directories
   Electronic Directories
   Publishing on the Internet
NOTE:When specifying training needs use the relevant Module Code.
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On-site Training
Any of the training modules outlined above can be provided at your own site or at a venue arranged by you.

To arrange on-site training contact Marianne Morgan at Datascape.
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